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You probably already know that Thailand is one of the leading exotic wellness holiday destinations in the world. And to this tandem, Thailand is also a hotbed of top yoga teacher training establishments that litter the lush rainforests of this South East Asian nation. Which, of course, is not surprising considering that Thailand is also home to the longest running Yoga Alliance registered teacher training programs. Here is a quick strikethrough of some of the best teacher training yoga centers in Thailand.

The Jungleyoga Yoga Teacher Training Center Thailand

This center offers a unique yoga teacher mentorship and training programs that are based on transformation, fun, creativity, and tradition. The programs are typically capped at 300 and 200-hour levels and conducted on the sandy shores of beautiful Thai beaches. According to the management of this center, the yoga training for teachers conducted here draws its inspiration from traditional Tantric and Yogic systems that are synthesized for an urban lifestyle. That being said, Jungleyoga Thailand is a Yoga Alliance fully-certified institution and students who successfully complete a course here are often eligible for an advanced certification course with the prestigious Yoga Alliance.

The All Yoga Ashtanga Training Center for Yoga Instructors Thailand

Located in Haad Tien, on the brink of Koh Phangan, Thailand, the All Yoga Ashtanga rose to dominance mainly because of its unique picturesque location. It is literally found in the middle of nature to the extent that the trainees meditate to the lapping and crashing waves at distant. And in the afternoons, they practice chanting and Prayanama in the glory of the warm tropical sun. This tranquil landscape is also intertwined with an almost palpable Buddhist aura which further helps set the mood for an in-depth training environment. Curriculum-wise, the center focuses on offering a comprehensive 200-hour yoga training program that encompasses the essentials of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, asanas, kriya, history and so much more. And as the pudding to the cake, all courses offered here are based ( as a principle ) on Yoga Chikitsa. It is an Ashtanga Primary Series that revolves around harnessing the creative flow of energy in the human body.

Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat

This yoga training hub offers what is considered one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher training programs in the world. And like most other Yoga Alliance training centers, the foundation course here covers a broad scope of yoga essentials such as Prayanama, asana, yoga philosophy, vinyasa, physiology and anatomy, meditation, chanting, etc. The programs, which draw teaching trainees from different corners of the globe, are often conducted at Samahita Retreat. It also doubles up one of the top destinations for yoga holidays and wellness retreats located in Koh Samui, Thailand. It is also one of the few yoga teacher training institutions that follow up the main course with a number of additional lessons to sharpen the prospective yoga teacher/trainer.

It is only in Thailand where you can train to be a yoga teacher while enjoying the sights and sounds of an expansive ocean, open-air, serene lush rainforests and the soothing laps of the waters of Pacific. Tie that excellent background setting with a crop of knowledgeable mentors whose sole responsibility is to impart knowledge to the teachers-to-be and you have the perfect getaway when that self-improvement bug bites you.