Thailand is known for many things; among them, some of the best yoga retreats in Asia. And the best part of it, you don’t have to break your bank to get lost in pure bliss and rejuvenate your spirit in a state-of-the-art heavenly yoga retreat. And although ‘budget ‘ is the key word here, it still manages to rope in a couple of premium features including access to seasoned yoga teachers and a picturesque location. That being said, here is a quick primer on that.

Eco-logic Yoga Retreat in Paksong, Thailand

The facility is tucked in rural Paksong in the North Western frontier of Thailand within the backdrop of a lush rainforest, sparkling rivers and raging waterfalls. As far as the physical location setting goes, it is a blissful place to reconnect and relax in nature’s most primal environment. The retreat has a broad spectrum of fully developed yoga activities to choose from including a number of reflexology treatments and Thai massages. You can also blend in some Karma yoga every morning and evenings for the eight days that you will be here. And for those who love a little outdoor action, swimming and fishing is also available in one of the many rivers that run along the establishment. What’s more, you can also pick up one or two cookery skills by enrolling in one of the many short cooking courses available here.

Museflower Chiang Rai Retreat and Spa

If you feel stressed up with your tedious, repetitive desk job and craving a valuable escape, then this retreat and spa will come as a heavenly getaway. It is specifically designed to help you unwind by indulging in a variety of the best of nature’s best trappings. This includes eating freshly picked vegetables, fruits, organic concentrates and the delicious raw berries. After that, you can choose to detox by immersing yourself in one of the spa treatments offered by trained masseuses on site. The facility is also perfect for simply getting lost in the middle of nowhere to appreciate some ‘me’ time. Although it was started as a holistic wellness center, it has evolved over the years to be a reputable yoga retreat centers that attracts hordes of enthusiasts from all over the world.

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The Koh Samui Palms Retreat

It’s a yoga retreat facility that has been refined over the years to cater for first-time detoxers and those who have never experienced a full-scale wellness retreat before. So if you are looking for something gentle, easy-going, non-intimidating to escape normalcy for a few days, then is your perfect destination. And to make sure that you have the best gentle detox and basic yoga sessions, the facility has incorporated a couple of daily simple activities as a compulsory itinerary for all guests. This includes stretching exercises, daily massages, aqua aerobics, meditation, and yoga.

Thailand proves that you don’t need thousands of dollars to get a break from the hectic, modern 24-hour grind that keeps most of us on our toes. And at the very least, these yoga retreats will give ample of time to rejuvenate your mind/spirit and get your bearings back on track.